PHIT Sketches ("Monologues" and "Guilty Pleasures")

Recently I saw 2 (countem' - two!) shows on the same evening at PHIT, which means I should get an award or something. Actually my lovely boyfriend should get an award for volunteering to go grab me more cider between the shows (he doesn't drink...and I was wearing heels. Isn't he a gentleman!?) Anyway, I was happy to be drawing some of these folks for the second or third time. Some sketches came out good, some didn't, as always, but that's why it's called practice. ' All the sketches were completed quite quickly, most under 5 minutes, with a ballpoint pen. The exception to this would be the drawing of the Mean Wendy Band, which was about 10-15 minutes I believe. There might be three shows in here, I'm not really sure.

As always, you guys are welcome to pull any of these images down to use on facebook or whereever, but please be sure to link to my website either in the description or you can leave the watermark that I have inserted on the pages. ( I'll be at a show tomorrow night ("Brought to You By...") and am looking forward to seeing some familiar faces there.

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Live Drawing at PHIT

Last night I went to 2 shows at PHIT, which is an improv theater here in Philly. The first show was called "Theme Show Presents: Rainy Days," and it was a variety show featuring a lot of sketches and short stand up sets. I had no idea how long each sketch or stand up segment was going to be so I had a lot of abandoned drawings. The second was "Guilty Pleasures" which is a show thats been running for quite some time.  The easter bunny made an appearance in both shows. Check out my sketchbook from the night below! The shows were great :)

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Image So last week it was my birthday, (the 17th), and I spent it in one of my favorite cities, Washington DC! It was great to walk along the mall and see many museums and some of my favorite museum exhibits in the world. (Don't miss the prehistoric mammal bones in the Museum of Natural History - they will blow your mind!) We visited a wax museum, the museum of natural history, the portrait gallery, and the national gallery. All were great!


Unfortunately my camera's battery completely died the first day we were there, and I have to buy a new one. The radioshak didn't have the battery I needed, so therefore the only pictures I got are on instagram. Oh well! I had a great time celebrating Valentine's Day, my birthday, and President's Day all in one swooping, fast, weekend. In that order.

I also got to hang out with Ella Fitzgerald real quick.



I also have been sketching some pencil stuff lately, here is one I finished from before...