Smokelong Quarterly Illustration

smokelong_illustration loopin_moons_flat

For those of you who may have missed it, I did a spot illustration for a talented  and creative writer, musician, and colleague of mine: Daniel DiFranco. He wrote an immersive short story titled The Moon is a Wasteland, about a boy unlucky in love. He asked me to do the illustration, which I have colloquially dubbed "Loopin' Moons." It's a quick and thoughtful read, and I recommend you take the time to enjoy it.

On a personal note, this piece is an important stepping stone for me, as it was done almost entirely digitally. I am forcing myself to use my tablet more and more so that I have more weapons in my arsenal. I am pleased with the illustration and am still convinced I'm going through a "Blue Period" of my own. I am looking forward to illustrating more editorial and short-form styles, and hope to get more jobs like this in the future.

The Shining Book Jacket

Shining book coverFinally finished my book cover, about to lay out a sample page from the book. I did all the illustration and text layout for this hardcover book jacket. I love the way the twins came out, and I think the maze motif in the background adds a nice theme to the piece, even though there is no maze in the book! (fun fact!) This book (and movie) are 2 of my favorite pieces of art so I am proud to say that this piece is finished. The idea for it came to me while I was falling asleep and I am happy I woke up to write a cryptic email to myself, reminding me about my color vision and illustration ideas for the project, which haven't changed since that night. I gotta do this more often!