DNC Donkey Sketches

I have been lucky enough to be chosen as one of the artists for the upcoming Democratic National Convention ! The DNC will be here in Philly from July 25-28. The Donkeys are life-size fiberglass casts of the animals, which will arrive at our studio painted grey. There are about 30 artists, found by ArtJawn, who will be painting the donkeys. Our concept sketches were due recently, and I thought I would share them with my friends, many of whom are democrats and also love art. I am SO happy with the random states I was assigned: New York and Montana!! :)  The project will be installed around Philadelphia by July 1, and there will be an App where you can look for the donkeys around the city "scavenger hunt" style: NY_SIDE1_lowres

NY Side 1: Here the statue of liberty is the main focus, up the chest and large leg of the donkey. She is in front of the American flag, which is where the lettering will be placed. The red and white stripes fade over the top of the donkey to create the red sky and clouds on the other side of the donkey. The head of the donkey is a beautiful cloudy, blue, sunny sky. On the back haunch of the donkey is the Montauk Lighthouse, with a rocky coast and ocean water leading down the donkey's leg.


NY Side 2: Here, the Freedom Tower is the focus of the piece. The new building will be the height of the donkey, as the cityscape fades into evergreen trees to the right over a sunset. From there, we see cliffs on the left side of Niagara Falls, which falls over the back of the donkey. On the bottom, near the leg, is the famous tour boats that go into the spray of the falls. Below the boat the leg will be painted with rippling water.


Montana Side 1: I incorporated the large bear head, a mountain range in beautiful blues and purples, and a skier on the rear haunch of the donkey. The head of the donkey is a night sky, milky way galaxy, different colors. On the legs of the donkey there are ski tracks underneath the skier, the other leg is grass under the bear's paw.


Montana Side 2: Here, the rodeo rider is the main focus. He is on a bucking horse in front of a beautiful faded sunset of reds, pinks, and oranges. On the right side of the chest is a glowing and illuminated tent under a night's sky. Behind the rodeo rider is a sky that fades from dry grassland to snow across the back of the donkey, which leads into the snowy mountains on the other side.