Live Painting Update

preview.jpg Here's a new design I completedimage1 today. I started to realize my old cards are pretty dated looking (and almost out, which is a good thing!) So, I created this new design. I used inspiraimage3tion from the paintings I have been doing lately at live painting events. The two paintings here were completed last night at a PHIT Comedy event called "Untitled." The show meshes improv comedy and visual arts. There are artists paintings or drawing on stage while improvisers create scenes based on the artists' previous work. Then the artists create pieces that are inspired by the scenes. It's very cyclical. And cynical. The sets ofimage2 2 paintings were completed start to finish in just under 40 minutes. Yesterday they had a lovely gallery showing afterwards and I sold the farting cardinal and the "Hell is Other People" paintings. Horray!



Image So last week it was my birthday, (the 17th), and I spent it in one of my favorite cities, Washington DC! It was great to walk along the mall and see many museums and some of my favorite museum exhibits in the world. (Don't miss the prehistoric mammal bones in the Museum of Natural History - they will blow your mind!) We visited a wax museum, the museum of natural history, the portrait gallery, and the national gallery. All were great!


Unfortunately my camera's battery completely died the first day we were there, and I have to buy a new one. The radioshak didn't have the battery I needed, so therefore the only pictures I got are on instagram. Oh well! I had a great time celebrating Valentine's Day, my birthday, and President's Day all in one swooping, fast, weekend. In that order.

I also got to hang out with Ella Fitzgerald real quick.



I also have been sketching some pencil stuff lately, here is one I finished from before...